Krissy Hodges of Serendipity Crystals & Bridging the Divide Interviewed by Katherine Elizabeth of Majestic Living

About Bridging the Divide

Are you struggling in your relationship as a couple? Do you feel frustrated, resentful or worried as you’re hitting a brick wall with your partner and don’t know what to do? Maybe you’re arguing a lot, feel disconnected, are drifting apart or experiencing little/no intimacy or happiness together lately? Maybe you’re feeling scared you’ll lose your relationship, home, kids or the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to build?

If so, Bridging the Divide was created for couples exactly like you ~ as we WERE you! It’s truly possible for you to reconnect and get those exciting butterflies back.

Lee and I have been through hell in our relationships from struggling with addiction & narcissism to domestic abuse, infidelity & betrayal. We both lost everything in our first marriages and were determined not to go through that again. Traditional counselling didn’t work for us ~ sitting on a sofa just talking to someone didn’t solve anything & felt old fashioned, awkward & uncomfortable.

We’ve tried multiple techniques and modalities over the years and have learned, through hands on experience, how to release ourselves from codependency, resolve communication difficulties, heal trust & intimacy issues and are fabulously thriving! We now have a deeply bonded, respectful, loving, adventurous, supportive relationship that is fun & provides the freedom AND closeness we both craved.

Our methods are simple and down to earth, meeting you where you’re at. I’m a holistic practitioner & empowerment mentor who has worked in alternative health for two decades. Lee is a salt of the Earth Yorkshireman changing careers in his 50s as we feel so passionately about helping couples. We’re just normal people who are here to help via an 8 week, online, interactive course that you do together as a couple, in the comfort of your own home. We don’t claim to fix everything. We simply share what’s worked for us in an enjoyable, safe & supportive way. We’ve created what we wished was available when we needed it!

Tier 1 ~ £295 ~ Do it Yourself @ Home
Tier 2 ~ £1,200 ~ Work in a Group Setting (maximum 10 couples) with 6 Live Calls
Tier 3 ~ £2,995 ~ 1-2-1 Private Support as a Couple, Every Week For 10 Weeks

Don’t wait until the resentment builds to the point where it’s too late or you’ve hurt each other too much for your relationship to recover. We’re here to help you survive & thrive together. Our courses cost far less than a divorce or separation and are a lot more fun 😉

Confidentiality/discretion assured. Next Course starts early October 2023. Feel free to reach out in confidence to: or