Margie Jameson

My angelic hero!! Always exceeding expectation. Thank you. Love you my beauty 😍 Margie Jameson, Designer

Jo Marley

I spoke to my mom. She said she feels great, that she was dancing around the house and has not felt so good in a long time. Thanks a lot xx She said that it was the best session she ever had, just so you know. Jo Marley, Nurse

Ivan F.

I didn’t believe miracles exist until I met with Katie. She has this special power that can change the course of energy which lead to positive impact to people life’s. She does not need to be present, over the call or video, she is able to use her power and make people happy, problems go […]

Victoria Mendoza

You came to me in a dream last night. You were sharing things to help me clear. Thanks so much, 💗 Victoria Mendoza, Homemaker

Kim Park

Thx for thinking of me – I’m a lot calmer this week. Somehow something shifted – strange but then again this is normal for you. Thanks again for your help. Kim Park, Master’s Student

Peter F.

Hi Katherine, I hope this finds you well. I just wanted to thank you again for the session. I feel so good. I can’t even put it into words how much you helped me yesterday. I’m so grateful. You are so gifted and I feel really lucky to know you and this thing we call […]

Paul S.

Katie has absolutely transformed my life in so many positive ways I cannot recommend her highly enough! Her sessions are truly miraculous and powerful beyond words! She is a gifted and intuitive healer and has so much she can offer you! Paul S., Recruiting Manager

Joddy R.

Katie has performed the most profound and life altering healing sessions with both myself and my wife. I have immediately experienced powerful miraculous changes in my internal state, physical body and external world. My wife and I are no strangers to healing modalities. We have seen many. Katie is surrounded by world class shamans, mystics, […]

Leviosa R.

Working with Katie has totally changed my understanding of energy work and distance healings altogether. It’s pretty much indescribable the work that she is able to do, but once you experience it you get it. Katie does a wonderful job of facilitating the healing process. I felt completely safe, supported, and assured throughout our session, […]

George Baker

Hey Katherine, I am physically improved. You are really excellent at working on the physical body. I think this is one of your gifts. I had a few slight twinges but physically so so much better. I am really grateful for the session. George Baker, Teacher